Why Gray Goat?!

The truth behind Gray Goat Athletics is it started as a joke. My buddy KP and I were joking how different things are as you age. The usual rhetoric between two guys in there forties. It hurts when I sneeze. I sleep for three days after a workout. The "my neck and my back reference" from the movie Friday. So to further the joke I mocked up some old goat t-shirts in Adobe Illustrator and was going to have a couple printed as a gag gift between friends. But when I showed KP the design he stopped me. He was shocked and said this is actually a good idea. 

Fast forward a couple months, and a trademark attorney later, I was on a mission. Unfortunately old goat was already trademarked. But I couldn't let the idea die that easily. I started plugging alternatives to "old" into word mark and landed on "gray". My lawyer did a deep dive on gray goat and by the end of 2020 Gray Goat Athletics was born.

During that period and time, the why of Gray Goat changed. Instead of being a joke between two buddies, I thought we should spin it into a positive. We've all heard the term g.o.a.t when referring to people like Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson and Babe Ruth. An acronym for the greatest of all time. But what about us? The regular guy. What about being the greatest version of ourselves after forty, or fifty, or sixty? For some, it's about maintaining the healthy lifestyle we've always had. For others, it's about setting new goals, developing new and better habits, and setting out on the path to find our best self. 

Now get up and get after it! Whether it be a workout, a walk, some reading, or whatever stimulates your growth. Have a great day and an even better week.

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